Sunday, June 14, 2015

Archivist - ARCHIVIST [Post Metal/Black Metal]

Please, take a seat
The black metal scene has seen a rise in "acoustic/emotional" melodies being mixed in with the principal foundation of the genre... Ghost Bath has done it with large controversy due to the mystery of where and what the group exactly is and Dreamheaven did it with an album that was hailed by countless publications as the best album of 2013. Now we have Archivist, a brand new band that has been a little quiet in the scene (considering this album is only ten days old) but has released what is undoubtedly a candidate for album of the year. 

Archivist play in a similar fashion to both Ghost Bath and Deafheaven with their debut ARCHIVIST, but they separate themselves with an ambitious concept and stellar songwriting and performance to boot. This is an album about a woman, a women who is the last living human on earth as everyone else has died off from an ecological disaster. This album follows her inner monologue along with her journal entries tracking the events of her leaving earth and her thoughts on society for how messed up it was. Odd concept, indeed. How it's executed though is beyond stellar. Spoken word passages play through certain tracks to serve as "journal entrees" while the music itself takes emotion to the next level. This album makes you feel sad, not in the normal black metal style though, but more with just the music itself being the barren atmosphere you'd imagine if you were alone with everyone around you being gone. 

This is a hard album for me to actively discuss, since I'm not the most well-versed with metal (something I mentioned on an older post) but do take my word when I say that Archivist are a group you must keep on your radar for the following years. There is something beautiful going on here, and Archivist a group worthy of your attention.  

You can stream, download, or buy ARCHIVIST here. If you like what you hear then show your support to Archivist by throwing a few coins their way. You can also share this album with your friends! They all like really sad doom metal, right? Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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  1. i am enjoying this release thank you very much