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Because I will be introducing another website to the showcase pool (Noisetrade) I want to take the time to show everyone how to download albums from both Bandcamp and Noisetrade. Along with any other websites I may introduce in a future time. While I can probably trust all of you with how to download stuff, I still think it would be good to include instruction just in case.

There are multiple ways for downloads on bandcamp, well... three ways to go about it. These usually vary by what artist or label is hosting the albums, but you will usually be able to tell which one happens to be which.

Way 1 - Free Download
If an album is being given away as a "free download" on a page that means that it's going to be an automatic download and that you cannot give money to the artists. When you click the free download button the page will automatically redirect to the download prompt and your album will automatically download or manually download depending on your account settings.

Way 2 - Name Your Price [E-Mail]
If an album is labelled as "name your price" then this means that you are able to pay any amount of money that you want for a copy of the album. If you don't want to contribute any money to the artist, simply typing in "0" in the price prompt will cause a prompt to appear which will require you to type in an E-Mail address along with a ZIP code for you to receive a download link. Following the link in the E-Mail will lead you to the download page.

This is used so you can become part of a label or artist's mailing list. In exchange for a free album you will be alerted about an artist's updates every time one is made in your e-mail.

Way 3 - Name Your Price [Download]
Just like the second way, but you will not be required to enter in an E-Mail and instead a button titled "download now" will appear. Clicking it will re-direct you to the download page just like in step one.
 Noisetrade only uses one way to download albums, it's a little more tedious then it was about a year or two ago, but after you get through the tedious bit it becomes easier afterwards. Just remember that I appreciate any feedback for including this website. Thank you.

Step 1. Create an Account (Or don't!)
This can be one by logging into Facebook or your E-Mail address. I don't think I need to instruct you on how to sign up, so just create an account on your own and sign in! If you don't want to make an account, you don't get access to instant downloads and must follow a download code in E-Mail every time under you want to get a new album.

Step 2. Log In (Or don't!)

Step 3. Download Music
When you find an album that you would like to download, click the "download now" button on the page. If you made an account the download will be automatic and will also be added to your account for easy accesses. If you didn't make an account you will be required to provide a postal code and share an E-Mail which will give you a code to follow for your download.

Step 5. Enjoy Your Free Music!
Or don't, I'm not the boss of you.

Step 6. Tipping
Want to give a band some money for their hard work? All you have to do is click "leave a tip" and select the amount of money you so desire. Proceed to check out using a card or a pay-pal account. Whichever floats your boat!

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