Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Bandcamp] Moderator - The World Within [Trip-Hop/Electronic]

The World Within cover art
A new kind of poetry...
Artist: Moderator
Release Date: February 18th , 2015
Genre: Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Electronic
For Fans of: Esbe, DJ Shadow, ProleteR
Recommended Tracks: Blind You To My Spell, Harlem River, Words Remain, I'm Sorry I'm Lost, Vasai-Virar
Moderator is a 22 year old Greek producer who is quite a delight to listen to. His style, which is rooted in Greek heritage, blends a soulful mixture of funk, hip-hop, trip-hop, and jazz. The World Within displays a beautiful presentation of Moderator's skills with an array of styles that are pleasing and captivating. Moderator's skill in his manipulation of organic instruments and synthetic samples is unmatched. The seductive vocals of Blind You To My Spell, the trippy atmosphere of Harlem River, or the middle-eastern string arrangement dominant in Vasai-Virar all keep The World Within a fresh album that much like the intro track, blind you in a spell through it's duration. If instrumental hip-hop is something you fancy then by all means check this out.
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[Other] ??? - The Catcher of the Fade [Rap]

Artists: Busdriver, milo, VerBS, Open Mike Eagle, William Thedford
Release Date: July 24th, 2015
Genre: Rap
For Fans of: The rappers I listed above, go listen to them scrubs
Recommended Tracks: One of Mine, Dash, Lyp
The Catcher of the Fade is a hip-hop collaboration album between former Hellfyre member milo and current Hellfyre members Busdriver, milo, VerBS, Open Mike, and William Thedford. While details of the project aren't fully known, in terms of who was in charge of it and what it's association is, what is known is that this is a pretty kick ass EP.
As normal, each of the featured rappers do an excellent job delivering their signature brands of quirk and power over smooth production. I should probably type more, but I need to pay attention to class. So just go download it.
Download [Downloads Instantly]: Mediafire

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kill Bill - RESIN [Rap]

I'm worthless...
Artist: Kill Bill
Release Date: August 2nd, 2015
Genre: Rap

For Fans of: Video games, anime, and being depressed?

I've been following Kill Bill since the release of his debut mixtape Ramona about a year ago. While I found myself not being able to get behind Kill Bill's ballads and reference heavy lyricism, there was a strong sense of genuine heart and output being backed into his work. Thankfully, about a year later, Kill Bill released a follow-up mixtape by the name of RESIN

This mixtape is noticeably darker. There isn't that much safe warmness that was present in Ramona. Instead, the production of the mixtape sees darker tones with glitchy beats and harsh noise. Meanwhile, Kill Bill himself seems to have taken a far more negative perspective in his songwriting as many of the tracks on here feel somewhat self-defeatists. It's an interesting perspective, and the vulnerability that Kill Bill places himself in create moment of sincerity that makes RESIN engaging. If you like dark production, quirky samples, and harsh song-writing then this album is for you.

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Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! Don't forget to share this album with your friends and family along with supporting the artist! Free music makes the world go round. Not gravity.