Tuesday, July 7, 2015

bansheebeat - Lumine [Electronic]

Nothing is left for me now...
Artist: bansheebeat
Release Date: July 7th, 2015
Genre: Electronic, Chiptune, IDM

For Fans Of: Aivi & Surasshu, Porter Robinson, Slime Girls, Steven Universe
Recommended Tracks: Shinsekai, Sea of Lights, Rainy Love, Cultural Festival Arc, Lumine, Polestar

So I'm listening to the Lumine for the first time considering it was just released earlier today. Only about 7 tracks in, but I have to say this is one hell of an album. I linked banshee's last album, Spiral Power, a while back if anyone remembers. While that album was great with it's "N64 throwback" atmosphere, mainly because of it's use of Nintendo game samples, this album expands it's horizon and scope to include a wide variety of extravagant melodies in an incredible and spacious landscape. 

Every track on Lumine bursts with energy, twisting and turning through layer after layer of soundscapes and atmosphere with the assistance of various instruments and samples that adds levels of depth to the core work of the album. The tracks themselves vary from progressive, to straight forwards dance music, to more somber ballads and all feel unique and ultimately beautiful. If there was anything more I could say about this album, it would be that bansheebeat has given me an AOTY contender without a doubt. If you like this kind of music, or even if you don't, give it a spin ASAP!

You san stream, download, or buy Lumine here. If you like what you hear, consider supporting bansheebeat by throwing a few coins his way. You can also share this album with your friends! They all like beautiful electronic-chiptune landscapes, right? Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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  1. Going to try a new format. Well, a kinda new format. Basically, I'm going to try to make some albums here look more appealing by suggesting tracks to check out and by naming artists (or other things) that may drive you to check out the album. Streaming this one for the second time, and it's not losing any steam. Easily in the top 10 for my albums of the year.