Monday, April 18, 2016

New Blog?

Don't know if there are people here to read this, so I'll make it brief and hope to get a response.

The lack of updates on this blog have come from me not really feeling like doing this anymore. Not so much because I don't feel like this blog doesn't get enough attention or anything like that - more so because I feel like this blog is a dead end of sorts. Finding and writing pieces (if you can call it that) for free albums is surprisingly difficult as I have to sift through pages upon pages of releases to find something noteworthy that ALSO happens to be free for this blog to function. This has been getting considerably difficult as I have started running the list of albums I had before I revived the blog last year thin.

My solution to this is to develop a new blog which i will be titled Bandcamp Grab Bag which will be a bi-weekly blog where I share 5 albums, both free and priced, from around Bandcamp and other, obscure corners of the internet. I feel like this will not only allow me to have a far larger realm of albums to work with, but I can develop my writing skills to more professional standards while establishing a cleaner blog presentation for music fans to discover new artists.

This blog will most likely be rolled out in the following weeks as I feel it best that I have at least four entries loaded up before I shift time to dedicating discovery of new albums. I feel like this is the best idea since at this point this blog is dead and so is the large amount of traffic I had built up in the first half of 2015. Thank you to whoever is reading this, I will be making a follow-up post soon for a link to the new blog.

update: the blog is live, but I only have a "welcome" post so far. Feel free to check it out, my first entree is due for the 25th.


  1. Thank you for what you have done already! I imagine it was quite time consuming. Will follow your new blog!

  2. Seriously thanks dude. I've found some great music through this blog and I'll be following your new one for sure

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  4. Sounds great! Thanks for finding new music and sharing it with us. It's something I really look forward to :)

  5. Is this blog still gonna stay online?

    1. Sorry for late reply, yes this blog will still be up and running, but it will no longer be updated.