Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weezer - Songs From the Black Hole [Pop Rock]


Following the release of Weezer's debut The Blue Album Weezer were launched into the mainstream with their debut becoming a critical hit and a financially successful juggernaut. With the immense amount of popularity that came with Weezer had to follow it up... but how? While most of you will be familiar with the darker, more depressing sophomore release Pinkerton what you probably don't know about is their original sophomore effort Songs From the Black Hole which was scrapped near the end of it's production in favor of Pinkerton as Rivers dug even deeper into self loathing and depression upon entering college at Harvard University. 

So what was Songs From the Black Hole anyways? Well, Black Hole was going to be a rock opera surrounding a love triangle between the crew of a experimental space mission... while at the same time being an allegory for Rivers and the band's sudden popularity from The Blue Album. The members of the crew were to be voiced Rivers, Brian, and Matt of Weezer along with Rachel Haden (That Dog), Joan Wasser (Dambuilders), and Karl Koch who was one of Weezer's producers. Needless to say, this was an idea that would've taken a lot to pull off successfully and from what we've been given it seemed like Weezer were a little over their heads.

Not saying its bad... in fact there are quite a number of good tracks here and the concept is fun if a little lacking. Though when push comes to shove... it's probably better that Rivers trashed this idea for Pinkerton. Since he himself decided ultimately that the entire idea was too "whimsical" and we wouldn't of gotten a masterpiece of an album like Pinkerton if this was in it's place. You can download the album in it's entirety here. Keep in mind that there are some incomplete sections on this album due to it being unfinished. You can also share this album with your friends! Weezer is still cool, right?

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