Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[Bandcamp] Kauan - Sorni Nai [Black Metal/Post Rock]

An album of cinematic proportions...
Artist: Kauan
Release Date: October 20th, 2015
Genres: Black Metal, Post Rock, Cinematic Rock
For Fans Of: The Morning Side, We Lost the Sea, Two Steps From Hell, Agalloch
Recommended Tracks: All of it, tbh.
Dyatlov Pass.

This name may sound familiar to those who live and breathe the supernatural and paranormal;' or to those who read articles before it's decline. For those uninitiated though, Dyatlov Pass is a northern plane in the Ural Mountains of Russia and Kazakhastan that became a centerpiece of mystery and intrigue when nine of ten in a group of hikers perished under disturbing circumstances. On the night of Feburary 2nd, 1959, nine of the ten hikers suddenly fled from their camp site and into the dark snowy night where they met their deaths. The mystery of it all, however, were the circumstances the hikers were found in. Some were found barely nude, while others were found with fractured skulls and even missing eyes and tongues.

To this day, it's unknown what happened to the group entirely. Some suggest they were attacked by indigenous tribes, aliens, or the Yeti. While others suggest that accidental military involvement led to their death. It's a tragedy that has fascinated many for decades on end for it's random and disturbing circumstances. Kauan, the Russian black metal duo for example, were so incredibly wound up with the incident that they created an entire concept album built around filling in the blanks of what happened that odd night. Sorni Nai tells the story with a melancholy holiness that crushes down into despair as it progresses track-by-track. The sound landscapes feature a vast array of operating string and orchestral sections with calming angelic vocals occupying them in the beginning.

As the album progresses, darker arrangements and harsh growling vocals began to paint the narrative as the intimate drag of death looms over. It's all executed in such a perfectly smooth manner that one can sit back and take the album in as something as a movie (granted that you can understand the lyrics) with it's combination of cinematic post-rock arrangements and punishing black metal climaxes. While the hikes deaths may of been a mystery, what isn't is that Soni Nai is a concept album that charts an interesting territory and in result of the experimentation creates a clear stand-out in post rock and black metal.

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