Saturday, November 21, 2015

[Bandcamp] Moddi - Smoke [Folk]

You're Just Too hard To Find...
Artist: Moddi
Release Date: February 6th, 2010
Genre: Folk
For Fans Of: Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Einar Stray
Recommended Tracks: well there is only one track so...

Smoke is a nifty little song I found based off the recommendation of a fella I know. It's only a single mind you, but it's a great one, so uh yeah...

Anywho, this song features a dreary little set-up with the solemn plucking of an acoustic guitar before the sweeping of a violin serenades alongside the guitar. From there, the track progressively picks up with the introduction of bass, guitar, and finally the whispery vocals of Moddi. It's a sad, sad set-up for a song while Moddi himself continues the song with comparing love to that of the ashes of fire. 

While this all would typically seen as your generic, paint-by-numbers acoustic folk track the last half takes a sudden turn as Moddi begins yelling out under the sea of guitars and violins in a furious rage that makes the track stick with a sinister energy before finally concluding with a soft piano outro. It's a short little track that picks up a lot of interesting ideas, and is worth checking. Alongside their debut album Set The House On Fire which isn't free but is extremely good. 

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