Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Haunted Candy Shop - Pray For A Light To Come In [Post-Rock]

Interestingly enough, Haunted Candy Shop were actually one of the first groups to ever release on Bandcamp back when it launched in 2008. As they had the pleasure of being one of the first 50 artists to ever use the platform, I thought it would be worth sharing their one and only album Pray For A Light.
The album mixes atmosphere with post rock, with long sections of droning guitar sections with heavy and brooding crescendos of heavy drumming, guitar riffs, frantic piano sections, and haunting violin leads. Tie that in with the soft vocals from Damien Garcia and you have yourself an excellent atmospheric record. 
You can stream, buy, or download Pray For A Light here. If you liked this record consider dropping some money in the artists way to support any and all future projects, or share this album with your friends. A little word of mouth and a little support goes a long way! <3 

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