Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rabbit Junk - Pop That Pretty Thirty [Hardclash]

Pop That Pretty Thirty cover art

If Mystery Skulls and Mindless Self Indulgence had a baby there is no doubt in my mind it would sound like electronic hardcore duo Rabbit Junk. A duo formed by former The Shizit vocalist JP Anderson and later introducing female vocalist Jennifer Bernert. The duo mixes sounds of hardcore, hip hop, metal, electronic, and rock into a style that JP can only call "hardclash." While the duo had released numerous albums and EP's together they would fall into an almost defunct cycle of no releases and a lot of hush-hush talk after their 2010 release. Only teasing one or two singles every year onwards. With Pop That Pretty Thirty the duo has returned with a five track EP filled with the same power and energy that established the group as who they are years prior.

With four new singles and a mash-up Pop That Pretty Thirty continue onward with their cycle of madness in a fresh and hard hitting electro rock record. While lead single Pop That Pretty Thirty showcases Jennifer's rapid punk flow through themes of police state, following tracks Precipice and IDONTGIVEAFUCK throw JP into the spotlight as he spits through raps and screams through hardcore leads. Each track on this EP is great in their own rights and are downright crazy and catchy enough to get anyone pulled in by the first track. If you're into electronic music or hardcore music of any kind, then this EP is right up your alley. 

You can download, stream, or buy this group's EP on their page here. If you liked this EP consider dropping some money in the artists direction to help support any and all upcoming projects, or maybe even share them with your friends. A little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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