Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sullen Ray - BLUE MINOR [Dream Pop/Shoegaze]

You know what's awesome? Dream pop, that's what. With Sullen Ray's debut in the PRIMARY TRILOGY, BLUE MINOR, this band captures the feelings of late 90's Dream Pop and Shoegaze while giving it a unique, psychedelic twist of their own. Fronted by vocalists Seth Eubanks and Dee Clement, both members provide mixtures of haunting distorted melodies and fun pop sounds.
BLUE MINOR is a hauntingly beautiful piece. Backed by smooth instrumentals and beautiful vocal performances to the beat of breath taking lyrics, it's an album that anyone with a sweet tooth for Shoegaze or Dream Pop should check out immediately. If BLUE MINOR has a great start like this one, then RED MINOR and YELLOW MINOR are easily two albums worth keeping on your radar.
You can stream, download, or buy BLUE MINOR here. If you liked this album consider dropping some money in the band's direction to help support any and all future projects, or even share them with your friends. A little word of mouth and a little support goes a long way! <3

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