Sunday, January 17, 2016

[Bandcamp] Mormon Toasterhead - slack tide [Experimental/Lo-fi/Folk]

I want to tear it apart...
Artist: Mormon Toasterhead
Release Date: December 26th, 2015
Genre: lo-fi, experimental, folk

For Fans Of: Daniel Johnson, John Cale, Daughter
Recommended Tracks: Think, Time, Corner Store, Clementine, Viaduct

What do you expect from an artist named Mormon Toasterhead? If you answered "some experimental lo-fi indie folk with emphasis on maximalism" then you are a filthy liar. Mormon Toasterhead's latest release is a jangled up mess of a record, yet it's what makes it beautiful. Elements of folk clash with noise, post-rock, minimalism, and the like in a very cohesive and captivating style. Tracks like Think play straight forward with clean post-rock leads while Corner Store's spoken-word outro levitates to the quirkier side of Ben's musicianship. Ben himself presents a pretty solid vocal performance. His weak, whispery vocals serenade the downing feel of the album in such a brilliant way. Not to forget  the falsettos in Corner Store and Viaduct~~

slack tide is an interesting album, and a good one too, give it a shot you.

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