Sunday, January 17, 2016

[Bandcamp] Nick Lyons - Unauthorised Broadcast [Experimental]

Unauthorised Broadcast cover art
We Ascend Today.
Artist: Nick Lyons
Release Date: October 8th, 2014
Genre: Experimental, Noise, Ambient

For Fans Of: The Residents?
Recommended Tracks: Gaslighting, Draconian Akrasia, Pyrrho, Hypoventilation, Seeking Sanctuary

Remember Kanyequest? Released in 2013, it was a silly RPG maker game about Kanye saving the future from evil clones of famous rappers, and it received some mild media coverage for it's very silly nature. After a while though, it fell off the face of the earth like many minor trends before it. Then came early 2015, when a forum user's friend discovered a very weird and frankly creepy secret hidden in the game that no one previously knew about.

That secret? The game was a front for a cult recruitment program.

It was revealed, that by typing in a secret codeword that many would've missed if not paying strict attention to minor in-game details, one could enter a secret area in the game by asking an NPC to "ASCEND." Upon doing this, users discovered a white marble tiled room and their Kanye sprite being replaced by that of a butterfly. Text boxes would congratulate you for discovering this secret area and inviting you, the enlightened individual, to be part of a series of tests to prove your worth for Ascensionism. What's that you ask? It's a very obscure cult that believes that before life, all souls existed as a collective that arranged all events in life as consensual events. This means that anyone you would date, be friends with, insult, or murdered were all on terms agreed before you were alive. Now the cult's official social media pages are playing a game with the small amount of users aware of Kanyequest's secret, who are trying to crack the code that the game has hidden away. All very creepypasta indeed.

Now, what does this have to do with this album exactly? Well glad you asked! You see, Nick Lyons is actually signed to the cult's official Bandcamp page... as he is the only artist. Odd enough is that no information on who Lyons is exists online outside of the fact that he is 19 (now 21) and lives in Australia. This album is like the embodiment of everything creepy about this entire situation. Weird, repetitive themes of apocalypse, harsh noise and piano banging, tortured vocals depicting vivid images of misery, and electronic elements that only further cement the creepiness factor; this is an album that just like the entire story around it, manages to scare and impress at the same time.

Stream/Download/Buy: Bandcamp
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