Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Bandcamp] Single Soul - Cold Drone Blues Expanded [Alternative]

cold drone blues expanded cover art
Even when at sea, I'll still drag the streets...
Artist: Single Soul
Release Date: January 16, 2016
Genre: Alternative, post-rock, emo, lo-fi

For Fans of: Carissa's Wierd, The Microphones, Mogwai, Teen Suicide
Recommended Tracks: Resilient Spirit, Brookings, New Wave Girl, Anthology for Mothers, Sweater Weather, untitled 9, Abby is Pretty

The Single Soul project has seen one major change after another since it's inception a few years back. Starting as Jacob Scheppler's bedroom pop solo project, Single Soul has expanded it's scope to feel and sound like a full fledged band along with exploration in a various amount of styles and genres. Cold Drone Blues almost sounds like a lost treasure from the 90s, in a way. There's an even split of chilling post-rock arrangements on tracks such as Resilient Spirit and Abby is Pretty and rock tracks that blur the lines of drone, folk, and alternative music on New Wave Girl, Anthology for Mothers, and Brookings. It's a brilliant album that combines the raw spirit of Scheppler's rowdy vocals and angst-ridden songwriting with beautifully composed post-rock melodies and it's perfectly worth a spin. 

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