Saturday, March 7, 2015

Estates - Gleam [Slowcore]

Forgive me if my thoughts on Gleam are a little vague, I'm not too familiarized with the "slowcore" genre of music so most of my thoughts on this album are mainly based on my not being entirely sure what exactly is actually going on here. Which just like that Kawaii album I linked the other day I actually couldn't tell you if it's good or not so don't make fun of me for having bad music tastes please.

With that disclosure out of the way, this is a pretty solid record. Gleam prides itself in calming guitar work that progresses at comfortable and calming rates. The walls of distortion plays in well with the pained vocals and it gives a good amount of depth in hand with some of the more subtly placed instruments such as the acoustic guitars in So Unsure. Something that is very reminiscent of Brand New's Deja album. Gleam is an album that should be listened to as soon as possible.

You can stream, download, or buy Gleam here. If you like what you hear consider supporting Estates by throwing a few coins their way or by purchasing the Vinyl copy of the album. You can also share this album with your friends, because they know what Slowcore... right?

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