Monday, March 2, 2015

The Grouch, Eligh, and CunninLynguists - The WinterFire EP [Hip-Hop]

The WinterFire EP cover art
100 years is worth every sentence...
Hip-hop super power the CunninLynguists team up with producer Eligh and spoken word vocalist The Grouch to bring The WinterFire another excellent entry in the CunninLynguists' discography and an incredibly solid EP worth picking up. Although The Grouch's style of presentation, a heavy spoken word blend with hip-hop flows may be a turn off to some there is plenty of amazing things to be heard in this album.
Kno and Eligh's joint production allows for plenty of atmospheric instrumentals and beats. Blending in spacey synths and haunting vocal cuts that spread through each piercing drum of every track. The darkness of the instrumentals on this album only further power the writing of angst, betrayal, heartbreak, and the pure evil of the world. Five tracks that put the dark side of humanity on display with mixtures of haunting production make WinterFire an EP that you can't afford to miss.
You can stream, download, or buy WinterFire here. If you like what you hear consider supporting CunninLynguists, Eligh, and The Grouch by throwing a few coins in their way or by purchasing their releases located on the bandcamp page. You can also share this album with your friends, they'll like this. Trust me. 


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