Thursday, March 26, 2015

Typhoon - Hunger & Thirst [Folk]

If you're dying... then why aren't you scared?
I've started a new beginning suspiciously like the old one
only this time I'm ready...

The story of Typhoon is beyond tragic, a lead vocalist who never had a life, clinging onto life while on the verge of death from a disease given to him by a bug that he never saw. The complete tragedy about every little detail of Kyle Morton's life is enough to make anyone break, yet for Kyle Morton his experience only strengthened him as a person. For all the depressing subject matter that Typhoon can carry with the lack of a childhood, facing life without a clue of what to do, or living off of borrowed time, they manage to keep a positive outlook on life.

Well, maybe not positive. More like hopeful? Like a battle where your side won the war but you lost hundreds in combat. It's almost humbling to experience Hunger & Thirst, a dark and gloomy album that when all is said and done there is always a positive outlook to it. Life sucks, you live your entire life trying to impress others, get by day and day as it only gets worst, hope to find a happy home with a happy mate and start a semi-decent life, only to lose it all with age and possibly forget it and then pass on. With all this sadness that plagues life though, isn't it better to see the positives of it? That's what Kyle Morton says on this album, the complete lack of a childhood and so much time lost isn't something to worry about when you have a the beauty of a life. This write up is really overly indulgent and kind of incoherent, but that's because this album takes the words out of my mouth literally.

It's breath taking how the album travels from a jumpy and folksy introduction and only descends into complete darkness... only to come back on top with a solemn closer that looks at life in a retrospective point of view as it nears its end. Not fearing death knowing that you will be reborn, it's beautiful and poetic, and it's something that should never be forgotten or ignored. Hunger & First is a perfect album of beauty and sorrow, one that no one should brush over lightly. Take time to indulge in Morton's philosophies and enjoy the things you hear. Because we only have so much time, and we should enjoy it as much as we can. For someone who couldn't.

Eternity will smile on me...
You can stream, download, or buy Hunger & Thirst here. If you like what you hear consider supporting Typhoon by throwing a few coins their way or by purchasing Artifical Light located on their page. 

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