Saturday, March 7, 2015


The future of music is heeeeeere...
FLORAL SHOPPE is an albumby American producer Vektroid, which caused an immense amount of drama when the album tackled the age old question of "Is this music tho?" This album, along with the rest of the genre known as vaporwave is an incredibly odd genre to say the least. While mainly electronic, the production values and composition is completely perverted from what is usually considered the norm.

Think of it as glitch, chill, and spa music coming together to create an oddly relaxing album. You get FLORAL SHOPPE. Which while this may all sound like a major turn off, don't make the mistake of not giving this album a chance. It's reliance on samples from vocalists such as Jamie Foxx and compositions form games like Turok help get some of the more reluctant comfortable with this record. It's atmospheric sounds are catchy and the technical grooves of the album will get you hooked like cocaine. There is a lot of pretentious subjects that people attach to this album, nostalgic of old computer times, challenging the norm of music, and so many more. And I must ask, who gives a damn? This is chill as hell.

You can stream, download, or buy FLORAL SHOPPE here. If you like what you hear consider supporting MACINTOSH PLUS (Vektroid) by throwing a few coins her way. You can also share this album with friends, because they totally won't thing you're an annoying hipster when you show them this music. Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3


  1. I just heard this as the soundtrack to a YouTube video called "The World's Most Satisfying Video" and I thought "What is THAT?" Had to find out.

  2. Macintosh Plus is transcending music in its own forward thinking way..I'm late to this party..however just so you know who I am ..