Sunday, January 18, 2015

Anderson .Paak - Cover Art [Pop/RnB]

Love isn't always on time...
Anderson .Paak created an interesting concept with Cover Art. Taking the tracks of rock legends such as The Beatles, The White Stripes, Neil Young, and others then giving them a soulful alternative RnB twist similar to what artists back then did with classic jazz and soul tracks. 

Each track on Cover Art feels incredibly unique and original despite them being covers. The complete make overs of all instrumentals along with Paak's smooth vocals blend into a blissful mix of catchy and breath taking. Rather it be the poppy piano and catchy basslines on The Beatle's Blackbirds or the emotionally captivating duet between Paak and Roquel Rodriguez on Toto's Hold The Line. There is an incredibly fine variety of heart felt covers that make this EP worth getting no questions asked.

You can stream, download, or buy Cover Art here. If you like the EP consider supporting Anderson .Paak by throwing some coins in Paak's way or by purchasing one of Paak's other albums like LOVEJOY. You could even share this EP with your friends. Who knows, maybe they like soulful remakes of classic rock songs. Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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