Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Molly Rythm - The Devil Never Comes [Ska Punk]

Over and over again...
Ska and it's more hardcore sister ska-punk have become incredibly neglected genres as of late. The only releases you ever expect to see from these once powerful genres are the veterans or those who fuse it with more accessibly mainstream sounds. Molly Rhythm on the other hand take all of this into account and then toss it right out the window. Because who needs to follow rules and constraints when you can do anything you want?
There haven't been many bands that have been able to capture a "IDGAF I do what I wan't" feeling and authority these days like Molly Rhythm have been able to with this incredible album. There is plenty of energy in the record too with high energy riffs and groovy basslines to keep your attention there with every passing song. Many different genres and styles clash such as ska, punk, metal, screamo, and even rap for an incredibly unorthodox album that gets lost in itself and brings forward non-stop fun for it's audience.
You can stream, download, or buy The Devil Never Comes here. If you liked The Devil Never Comes consider supporting Molly Rhythm by throwing a few coins their way to help support any and all future releases. You could even share this album with your friends. Who knows, maybe your mates enjoy metal punk hip hop skacore. Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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