Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pegboard Nerds - The Lost Tracks EP [Electronic]

*Insert bass growl here*
Fans of the ever prominent EDM label Monstercat Media will instantly recognize the Pegboard Nerds considering they're the labels 2nd biggest artist. Of course, over their career they've managed to release a lot of songs, and sometimes those songs are hard to keep up with. Eventually things get lost, forgotten, or just simply removed from the internet as a whole. That's why the nerds, in association with Monstercat Media, released a fun little EP with the songs previously released by the duo but eventually forgotten about and having limited access to.

The Lost Tracks EP is composed of 6 tracks. Five hard to access tracks from the duo and one of the releases from the label. All of the tracks on this EP are incredibly fun to listen to, with different genres of music to taste such as dubstep, electro, and glitch hop. If you're a fan of electronic music this is an EP you should check out.

You can stream, download, or buy The Lost Tracks EP here. If you liked this EP, consider throwing a few coins in Pegboard Nerd's way by supporting the EP or by purchasing one of the many compilation albums that the group appears on. Or you could even share this EP with your friends. Who knows, maybe they like some heavy wubs. Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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