Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aivi & Surasshu - The Black Box [Chiptune]

Piano + Chiptune = Beauty
Aivi & Surasshu have made a name for themselves in the past year as they're the leading producers of the soundtrack for Cartoon Network's Steven Universe. Lead by a human and a robot, the story behind this video game loving duo came to light when archaeologist Aivi unearthed an ancient artifact containing the shape shifting robot Surasshu who is on the run from governments looking to control his powers. 

Of course, this is all a fictional story. Though im about 90% certain you guys already knew that. In reality Aivi & Surasshu create a captivating blend of chiptune and piano melodies that blend into one in blissful synergy. Along with a fun and beautiful collection of  piano and chiptune fusions is a 20 page comic that comes free with the download, even though it doesn't appear that it has continued as the duo was picked up for Steven Universe a few months later it's still a fun little read. 

You can stream, download, or buy The Black Box here. If you like what you hear, consider supporting this robot and human by throwing a few coins in their way or by supporting their work by watching Steven Universe on cartoon network. You could even share this album with your friends, they'll probably like chiptune music... right? Jut remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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