Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ghost Hospital - Ghost Hospital [Surf Rock]

Ghost Hospital cover art
I don't know how I found this exactly, but it's pretty chill so I'm glad I did. From what I can gather this album explores to the floors of a spooky ghost hospital with a fun mix of surfer rock and the sounds your speakers make when you put a microphone by them. That doesn't sound too appealing? Well too bad, you're here for free music and you're going to like it you cheap son of a bitch. While it may not sound the most appealing of albums it is actually a really fun album that completely twists the surfer rock image and perverts it with a lot of oddities. Totally worth a listen!
You can stream or download Ghost Hospital here. If you like what you hear then download it, because I'm not entirely sure where you can go to support these guys. You can also share this album with your friends, because it's actually pretty great. Just remember, a little word of mouth goes a long way! Just watch out for spooky ghost hospitals guys. <3

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