Monday, February 2, 2015

Anthony Fantano - Anthony FanFiction Vol. 1

Because I'm totally not running out of albums to showcase at all... >.>
I actually have about 10 albums that I'm still writing half-assed and very vague buzzword filled descriptions for that say the same thing over and over in hopes that none of you notice because I'm dangling free music in front of your faces. The only reason I'm even letting you all know why such a thing exists was because I first heard it at 2 in the morning and it made me giggle like a little school girl. For those who don't know Anthony Fantano is an internet reviewer who reviews a whole lot of different albums on his youtube channel The Needle Drop and just like any other critic he get's a lot of hate at times for having some negative opinions on certain albums from time to time.

Somehow it got to the point where people actually wrote fan fiction about him and he narrated them and put them on Bandcamp and now they're here. So just go check them out and laugh, or cringe terribly and leave my blog because you hate what I've given you. Now if this collection of spoken word fan fics doesn't tickle your fancy there is a rap about hot cocoa on Anthony's release page along with a collab with Pink Guy and Filthy Frank so I guess those could be worth checking out.

You know the drill, you can buy or download or throw coins and share with your friends here. If you haven't seen any of Anthony's videos then that's not really my problem. Do you expect me to link you to his videos? Youtube isn't open in my tabs at the moment and I am far too lazy to actually pull it up for you so just type in The Needle Drop and you'll probably find a review of him talking about Death Grips or some other /mu/core album that everyone stopped caring about and I need to stop talking now because this is become a long rant instead of an album showcase.

Ok, bye.

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