Friday, February 13, 2015

Human Hands - s/t lp [Emo/Hardcore]

Force fed...
Ok, so I have been tagging a lot of albums with "Emo" lately on this blog. Though I haven't showcased a true "emo" album yet. So to fill in the gap and to avoid pissing off genre purists I present to you the debut LP by the British band Human Hands called s/t lp. Confusing name, I know, but this genre is just as confusing so I suppose it's appropriate. Human Hands on the other hand stylize their sound similar to that of 90's emo sound before Fall Out Boy came waltzing in and messed everything up. 

The record is light on the vocals, to which they only appear at the most appropriate of times to allow the instrumentation to build up the atmosphere of the tracks. When they do arrive though, they're presented in a spoken/shout style with a lot of restraint to further power the instrumental drive of the album. The instrumentation on the other hand is modest and subtle, with a lot of the melody being focused on utilizing the previously mentioned modest and subtle sound to create a driving melodic and emotive force. The album offers an uplifting experience with it's quiet and modest beauty, and it's just similar enough to classic emo bands of the 90's that you can find something in here worth listening to.

You can stream and download s/t lp here. It is offered as a free download on Bandcamp and because the links to the physical copies of this album are now turning up as 404's on their respective stores. I can only say enjoy the free record, and if you can find a way to support this band than more power to you. You can also share this album with your friends, emo music is still cool. Right? Just remember, a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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