Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Haywyre - TwoFold Pt. 1 [Electronic/Jazz]

The time you had is up...
You know what electronic music needed more of? Jazz man. Maybe not so much saxophones and trumpets and stuff, even though that would be cool. Though maybe more like the more technical and smoother side to jazz music. Oh wait, I just described electronic artist Haywyre. Those who aren't familiarized with the name Haywyre should know a little about him, originally starting out with a jazz trio Martin Vogt slowly grew into the electronic music genre when he probably thought one day "let's get some jazz up in this bitch" and that is how Haywyre was born.

TwoFold is the debut album by Haywyre, and a damn fine one at that. Haywyre's blend of organic instrumentals with groovy basslines and glitchy synthesizers create a vast amount of unique and killer tunes. Haywyre's skill with his mixture of jazz and glitch hop isn't like any other I've seen... or heard I guess. TwoFold also explores a variety of genres and styles rather it be glitch hop, orchestral arrangements, future bass, and more. If you're the kind of fellow who has been looking for some more variety in mainstream electronic music then Haywyre is your go-to fellow.

You can stream or download TwoFold here. If you like this album consider supporting Haywyre by purchasing the album over here. You can also support Haywyre by purchasing his other EP's and singles from his bandcamp page and Monstercat Media's catalogue. Or you could share this album with your friends, even if they might not like electronic music because they're close minded. Just remember that a little support and a little word of mouth goes a long way! <3

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